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Holistic Therapy

Intuitive life and relationship coaching, Akashic Records, Quantum Radionic Table, Tarot reading


My mission in life is to help people navigate through their emotions by nurturing a healthy path to their personal growth and spiritual evolution. I believe our mind, physical body and spirit are interconnected and therefore healing occurs best when we approach it holistically.

Terceiro olho

Intuitive life and relationship coaching

This is for anyone looking to improve their relationships with themselves and with others, also for people who have a hard time to achieve goals.

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Quantum Radionic Table

Do you need some healing energy in your life?

The Quantum Radionic Table is a transmuting tool of energy that makes it feasible to discover adverse aspects in all areas of your life. Firstly, I do the energy treatment assessment so that we can discover negative energies and transmute them into positive energies.

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Akashic Records

This therapy is right for you if you are going through hardships and cannot understand how to overcome them and need some insights and guidance.  I can help you assessing your Akashic Records portal, and I can talk directly to your spiritual masters, teachers, and loved ones.

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Tarot reading

Do you feel confused about your life situations and need some guidance? Tarot cards and my intuition can give you some answers to help you to deal with your difficulties and give you some hope.

James Tutton from UK - Operations Manager

“I have suffered from ptsd from my time in the military and deployed overseas. I reached out to Priscila who was recommended by a friend. Her reading helped me see a way forward. It gave me hope and positivity and was helpful on so many levels. I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend her.."


I got certified as a international life coach by a well known institution from Brazil called SLAC. Moreover,  I attended one year Akashic Records program from Brazil and got a certificate. Also, I got certified as Quantum Radionic Table operator- Energy Healing technique learned in Brazil.

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 IAC International Association of Coaching

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Mesa Radiônica Quântica Chama



Desenvolvimento Espiritual e Registros



My name is Priscïla Cåmpos

I am a certified Holistic Therapist and Intuitive Life and Relationship Coach. I also specialize in Akashic records, Quantum Radionic Table, Intuitive life and Tarot Card Readings. 

I come from Brazilian heritage and from an early age I have been blessed with psychic gifts and I was known by friends to be highly intuitive. I have always been inclined to learn about spirituality and personal development. I have also worked as a social worker in Canada. My passion has always been in loving and helping others.

 In 2007, I was called to follow Kardec’s Spiritism philosophy in Brazil and it brought me deep knowledge about the spiritual world and communication with spiritual mentors. Having the background in social work and combining it with my spiritual and psychic gifts is what lead me to become a Holistic Therapist so I can fulfil my life purpose.

Energy healing therapies can support you to get rid of blockages and obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals of thriving in life.  Having done healing for myself and for clients I have seen their lives improve as they take time to maintain a positive and nurturing relationship with themselves. I hope to help people through these times and find meaning and solutions in every aspect of their lives.

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+1 (437) 985-0316

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